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Loralea Country Inn Resort

Bill and Heather

About Us

Country living was always a factor when we searched for a place to live, so back in 2002 Heather and I quit our city jobs and purchased a small Cottage Resort in the country on Halls Lake in the Haliburton Highlands of Ontario Canada.


We live on the resort grounds and enjoying helping people with their all season weekend getaways and vacation plans along with Family Reunion planning.


Country life has been a big adjustment especially for Heather as their is no Walmarts up here but we did get a Timmy’s and a Canadian Tire a few years back.


The fresh country air has greatly reduced Heather’s asthma and for me the exercise from doing the resort maintenance (think up keep on 8 houses) helps keep my (Bill's) diabetes in check.


Overall we love it, country living is a different life style….



Heather Driving Golf Cart

Bill Whipper Snippering

Heather on a Mission
Bill Exercising

Resort Home and Grand Kids

Our Home
Our Grand Kids

The biggest benefit was time with the grand kids and giving them a huge playground to enjoy from tobogganing, swimming, fishing to catching frogs. Oh what a life….


Most of our grands kids have grown up here at the resort giving us both many great memories.


Our small cottage resort with 2 cottages and 5 studio cabins is on Halls Lake in the Haliburton Highlands.


Bill and Heather
Loralea Country Inn Resort