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Pet Friendly Resort in Ontario Canada

Family Friendly Cottage Rentals With Your Pet

When you get to our lakeside cottage resort, you will be given space to relax and enjoy cottage living, nature and the scenery.


Pet Friendly Cottage Rentals - The Loralea Country Inn Resort is your pet friendly vacation rental location and child friendly resort in the Haliburton Highlands of Ontario Canada.


If you're like most pet-owners, your pets are a part of the family, and leaving them behind when vacationing can be a traumatic experience on both the pets and owners.


For the enjoyment, comfort and safety of all of our resort guests, pets must be fully trained and socialized and kept within designated areas of the resort, on a leash at all times or in a carrier when pet owners are away from resort.


Pet accommodations are free but if we have to clean (pet hair) the cottage or cabin after the pet stay there will we a clean up fee passed onto pet owner. (Any damage will be included in fee, like broken screens, torn bed spreads or damaged furniture).


All season cottage rental vacations with family accommodations in four or two bedroom cottages along with studio cabins for couples with wood burning fireplaces for those romantic weekends.


Friendly Pets are Welcome - We know you love your pets and find it important to vacation with them, there are some stipulations that we ask all owners to be responsible for and it's our responsibility to consider all guests with or without pets to enjoy their vacation rental stay so that we may continue to be a pet (dog) friendly resort.



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Friendly Pet Rules, Requirements and Regulations

Friendly Pet Rules

  • All pet vacations must be scheduled in advance and names must be registered when reservations are made. Please do not show up with pets that are not registered without advance confirmation.
  • Vacations for Pets with us is Free. Note: No pets may be on the furniture at any time. You will be charged an extra cleaning fee if we have to remove your pet's hairs or dirt from beds or sitting areas. We will provide sheets to cover furniture.
  • To be leashed at all times while on the resort grounds.
  • A credit card number must be on file for possible damages.
  • Must be walked regularly and pooper scooped each time.
  • No more than 2 dogs are allowed. They must be house broken.
  • Dogs and cats left unattended in cottage for any length of time must be crated.


  • NO animals on the beach area.
  • Sorry but there is no area available to take your dog for a swim.
  • Pets are never to be left outside the cabin or on the deck when you are gone from the cabin.
  • Pet owners will be responsible for any cabin damage caused by their pets.
  • Anyone caught violating the rules and regulations above will be asked to remove their pets from the premises and there will be no refunds of rental fees.
  • No animals are allowed in the main lodge or dining room.


  • If you have a dog which likes to bark a lot then our suggestion is that you find a rental vacation spot that will allow this. We will not because this will disturb other guests and will not be tolerated. If dog barking starts to be a problem then there will be one warning only to stop. If this continues then you'll be asked to remove your pet from the premises and there will be no refunds of rental. Sorry to be so harsh but this is starting to be a problem and we have responsibilities to all guests and we would like to stay as a pet friendly cottage rental resort.


  • Note: Pets are the responsibility of the owner(s) and the Loralea Country Inn Resort accepts no responsibility for any pets, attended or unattended, on the premises of the resort.


Thank you for helping us keep the resort grounds clean and fun for all. The rules are a must in order for the safety and comfort of all our guests to enjoy their vacation time at the resort.


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Dog Friendly Activity Options Off Resort

  • There is an area set aside for dogs (leashed) to be with the family down by the lake but not on the beach area.
  • In the winter when the lake is frozen many guests will take their dogs for a walk where they can have a good run off the leash at the owners risk.
  • There are plenty of walking trails but most require dogs on leashes.
  • The road around the lake makes for a good walk.

We understand that pets like to run free and swim but that's something that we here at the Loralea can't allow for the safety and comfort of all.

Here are a few other options for other places to stay at Vacation with Pets

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Wild Turkeys in parking lot - They wouldn't accept the leash policy

Pets Friendly Cottages For Rent Ontario

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Pet Support and Supplies for Owners Near The Resort

Animal Hospital

  • Haliburton Veterinary Services - 1014 Peninsula Drive
    Haliburton Ontario - 705 457-2087 

Pet Food and Supplies

  • Paulmac's Pet Food - Hwy 35, Heritage Plaza
    Minden Ontario - 705 286-1172
    Head Office web site for Paulmac's Food
  • Pet Tyme
    Jug City Plaza, 12281 Hwy 35 - Minden Ontario

Pet Grooming

  • Hound Dog Grooming
    Hwy 118 Haliburton - 705-457-3335
  • The Groom Room
    Barry's Line West Guilford Ontario
    705-754-2226 -
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