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Winter Resort - Cottage Rent While Haliburton Dogsledding Ontario

Family Resort Let it SnowFamily Winter Resorts in Haliburton Ontario - The Loralea Country Inn Resort is your holiday location for renting cottages in Ontario while Dogsledding in Haliburton (1/2 hour drive from resort), downhill and cross country skiing, hiking or snowmobiling the trails for your family winter vacations or weekend cottage getaways in the Haliburton Highlands area of central Ontario Canada.

This cottage resort on Halls Lake offers seven cabins and winter cottages for rent, fully winterized with electric heat and most with wood burning fireplaces. Your dogsledding adventure starts with finding the right studio cabin or cottage rentals for accommodations while choosing which dogsled tour you wish to enjoy.

  • Two Hour Tour
  • Half Day Tour
  • Full Day Tour
  • Moonlit Run
  • Multi-Day Tour

There are two ways to go about booking this dog sledding adventure. We suggest that you call Winterdance yourself to set up the tour, that way you can better coordinate what you want especially when they offer many tour types. If you wish not to we can do it for you.


Moonlit Run with Winterdance Dogsledding ToursVacations Ontario Lakefront Winterized Cottages #7A great 4 Seasons Family Resort with cottages to rent for winter vacation planning.

This page will deal with only one popular winter activity - Haliburton Ontario dog sledding vacations with the Winterdance Team.



For Your Family Winter Holidays Enjoy Haliburton Dog Sledding

Ontario Cottages - Days Adventures with Winterdance


Resort in Ontario Winter Cottage RentalsFamily Vacation Dogsledding Ontario with WinterdanceThe Loralea your winters accommodation resort, rent cottage while enjoying a days adventure with a dog sledding team



Winterdance Ontario Dogsledding Vacation - Your choice of two hour tours, half day tours, all day tours, moonlit run or multi-day tours. Which ever one you pick we're sure it will be one you'll never forget.

While on your stay at one of our cottages take the whole day out of your holiday schedule and take your family or friends for a dog sled adventure. From the Loralea travel to the Haliburton Highlands area (30 minutes) and you'll find the Winterdance team.

Winterdance - Ontario Sledding Adventures

Family sledding with the Winterdance Dog TeamWinterdance offers various packages to suit people who just want a taste of Dogsledding in Ontario to people looking for a more complete experience and even people looking for romance! Our trips book up quickly (especially on weekends) so advance reservations are highly recommended.


Two Hour Tour - Get a taste of the wonderful sport of dogsledding! We will instruct you in the basics of driving a dog team, and then introduce you to your dog team with 4 or 5 of our affectionate Siberian Huskies. Tours have 2 people per sled with clients taking turns riding and driving (if they wish). A guide is always in the lead with their dogsled team. After instructions you're off exploring our east lake trail up to picturesque Bowen Lake. You will be out on the trail with the dogs for approximately 40-45 minutes. Best enjoyed by people in at least average physical shape and on a tight time line or with younger children. Reservations are highly recommended!


Winterdance Dogsled Team Half Day Tour - By far our most popular dogsled tour with first time dogsledders and return clients alike, as you really get an opportunity to know your huskies and get a true feel for handling a dog sled! These dogsledding trips offer a variety of trail conditions, including challenging rugged, forested terrain, and a multiple lake system. Novices are welcome as you will be given complete instructions on dogsledding skills. You should be in at least average physical shape to best enjoy a 1/2 day tour. This dogsled trip includes a midway break for a snack and hot chocolate (provided) and is a great opportunity for those "Kodak moments" of the beautiful Haliburton scenery and of course your new 4-legged friends! We offer 2 of these dog sledding tours every day with the instruction sessions starting at 9:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. After instructions you will be on one of several 1/2 day trails for approximately 2 1/2 - 3 hours, with additional time at the end for photos & rewarding your huskies! Reservations required


Take the kids dogsledding at WinterdanceFull Day Tour - The full day dogsledding tour starts around 9:00 a.m. with an instruction period of approximately 1/2 hour, allowing you a chance to help harness your own huskies and hook them up if you wish! We will then head out on the trail for the day with your team of 6 beautiful sled dogs, exploring around 30 km's of this unspoiled wilderness. Travel through Bear Valley and Beaver Valley, to get to various remote lakes, or experience the challenge of the ridge trail. We have several full day dogsled tour trails and your guide will pick the trail that best suits the group. You will stop for morning and afternoon snacks (for people and dogs) and hot chocolate.

At lunch time you will take a layover at our remote, picturesque heated lakeside Teepee, to enjoy a hot, hearty lunch, prepared by your guide over a roaring campfire (all food is provided and we guarantee you won't leave hungry). Please let us know if anyone in your group has special dietary needs. The trip will end around 4:00 p.m. allowing you time to help unhook your new best 4-legged friends and wish then a fond farewell! This is a popular tour with return clients or people in good physical shape and winter adventures! Reservations required

Moonlit Run - Dogsledding at night is truly an incredibly moving experience and one that is impossible to put into words. With a crisp, clear night, the stars and moon radiating off the snow can be so bright you may not even need your head lamp or the provided flashlights. There is also such silence, all you hear is the dogsled runners on the snow and the breath of your huskies - a truly magical experience. The trips will start around 7:30 p.m. with brief instructions. We will then hit the trail with your 4 dog team for about 30 minutes until we reach a clearing with a roaring fire. There we will spend about 20-30 minutes with appropriate refreshments being served. Those looking for some romance will have some private time to gaze at the moon and stars and if we are lucky hear the distant howl of the resident wolf pack. By the time we sled out again, the trip will end around 9:30 p.m. Enjoyed best by adults in at least average physical shape, these trips run only on select dates. Reservations required

Multi-Day Tour - These trips can include any combination of 1/2, full day and moonlite runs with overnight accommodation at our own winter cabin or local resorts & inns. We have over 60 km of dogsled trails, so that multi-day clients get to explore different trails with each tour (except for the first several km's which is the main trail that all other trials branch off of). For groups (minimum of 6 people) we offer an option of overnight camping in our prospector tents alongside a remote lake. The tents are heated for a cozy evening! These trips require advance reservations and prices will be determined based on the client's individual requests and desires. Please call or e-mail us for more information.

Dogsled Tour Rates and Contact Information

Weekend and Holiday Rates for sledding only - prices per person + TAX

  • Two hour tour - $140
  • Half day - $210
  • Full day - $360
  • Moonlite - $275
  • Multi-Day - Custom Package Pricing
  • Weekday Rates are Less
  • Contact Winterdance for Current Rates - see below

Ways to contact Winterdance to set up your tour package or to ask questions.

Website - Winterdance Dogsled Tours

Phone - (705) 457-5281 or Fax (705) 457-5281 (call first)

E-mail -

Reservations on-line and see cancellation policy - Reserve Now

Trips book fast (especially weekends) so it is never too early to make your reservations. The earlier you book the more likely we will be able to accommodate you on your desired date. Groups are especially urged to book as early as possible.

If Winterdance is booked up for the time frame you wanted then the Haliburton Forest Reserve also has Dogsledding Tours which are comparable to Winterdance see Haliburton Forest Dogsledding. Phone: (705) 754-2198

Both places are worth experiencing. Dogsledding has become a very popular activity for our resort guests to enjoy.

Accommodations Rates - Rent Cottages and Cabins

We suggest you reserve your dogsledding adventure first then make your accommodation reservation. If you decide to stay with us then see below for information on cottages and cabins to stay in. Hopefully we'll see you in the future.

Our Winter Cottages and Studio Cabin Rentals

Cottage Summer Accommodations LoraleaWinter Cottage Accommodations Loralea

Pictures above will change every five seconds - Summer and Winter Images

Lodging Availability Report

Note: click the abbreviated month name in the upper left-hand corner to change months

Reserve Our Cottages or Cabins For Dogsledding Adventures

Call Us at 800-461-6557 or Email us for sledding Information

After your Winterdance Dogsledding Tour

There's nothing like a dog sledding adventures on the snow trails with the Winterdance team, back to the resort and finishing the day off with a good book in front of your wood burning fireplace.

The Loralea Country Inn Resort has a full range of rentals from studio cabins to a four bedroom cottage.

There are other activities in the Haliburton area for all to enjoy while on their resort vacations, click here for other Winter Vacation Activities for you to enjoy.

The Dog Sledding Races and Derby

Great Family or Couples Event

Haliburton Highlands Dog Sled Derby and the village of Haliburton is to host a world class event offering mushers the challenging landscape of the Highlands for the race trails combined with the friendliness of a small town community.

The dogsled race normally posts a $10,000 purse but this year it has been advertised as to be determined, local business owners will be receiving sponsorship letters shortly and they are hoping anyone who receives a boost in their business from the derby or anyone who wants to see the event continue will help out in contributing to the mushers purse.

The Haliburton dog sled races should attract over 60 mushers and their energetic dog sled teams to Haliburton, Ontario as they compete in 4, 6 and 8 dog races as well as 1 and 2 dog skijoring and youth and the ever popular kid and mutt races on the Pinestone grounds.

Read More See Haliburton Races Dog Sled Derby

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